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BOard of Directors



We are located in the Town Office Building in Shelburne Village. Our door is in the same hallway as the Shelburne Recreation Department. We are handicap accessible and will work with you to meet any special needs you may have. 

Our Mission

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Can you stand the idea of a family in your neighborhood going hungry?

Neither can we.

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Food Donation


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The Shelburne Food Shelf serves any member of the community who is experiencing food insecurity. We ask for a one time proof of Shelburne residency and that shoppers in our Food Shelf treat our volunteer staff the same kindness and dignity we treat them. We do not ask for proof of need or income.

We are located in the Town Office Building at 5420 Shelburne Road, in Shelburne Village

Chair of the Board

Susan Stock

Vice Chair of the Board

Pam Brangan


Amy Nickerson


BettyJean Bogue

Kevin Kenlan

Toby Knox

Allan Merritt

​Rose DuBois

Dana Valentine

Hunger isn't seasonal, which is why year-round food donation helps sustain our mission. Check out our Current Needs page. Items can be left in the Green Bin at the Food Shelf door, or other Green Bin locations at the Shelburne Market, Pierson Library, and Paragon Design on Rte 7 in Shelburne. 

Working with the Vermont Food bank and other community Partners, the Shelburne Food Shelf continues a proud tradition of serving community members that would otherwise go hungry. 

Shelburne residents who complete the online survey (available 10/7) will have their groceries delivered to them on Tuesday (10/13,)  Wednesday (10/14) or Thursday (10/15). For those without internet access from a computer or a smart phone, assistance in filling out the survey is available by calling 802-622-3313, Extension 3. The Food Shelf will do its best to fill the requested food items; however, during this crisis, requested items may not be available.

Because it is getting warm out, please put a cooler with your name outside your home so we can safely store your cold food items.


The Shelburne Food Shelf is focusing on how we can meet the needs of our neighbors facing hunger in light of COVID-19. We are closely monitoring the situation, putting contingency plans in place, and shifting our operations to accommodate the increasing and changing community needs.